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Vote YES on Measure S
to protect our local supply of safe, clean water in Santa Clara County.


An adequate supply of safe, reliable water is crucial to sustain our economy and quality of life. 

Measure S upgrades outdated, seismically unsafe pipelines and dams that deliver water countywide. 


Measure S funds needed improvements to protect our local water infrastructure and supply from the impact of climate change, drought, earthquakes, flooding and other natural disasters. 


Measure S projects also reduce toxins, hazards, and contaminants in our rivers, lakes, and streams. 


And Measure S doesn’t increase taxes: it simply renews existing local funding we’ve relied on for 20 years. 74% of voters approved the last renewal in 2012. 


Measure S continues work that’s already being done countywide, like creek restoration, shoreline protection, environmental cleanup and habitat restoration. These projects have been essential to protecting our communities from extended drought, increased pollution and climate change. 


We simply can’t afford to lose this important funding and put our local water supply at risk. 


Vote YES on S for Safe Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection 

  • Protect our local drinking water supply;

  • Upgrade aging pipelines, dams to protect against earthquakes and climate change; 

  • Reduce pollution, toxins and contaminants in waterways; 

  • Provide natural flood protection 


Every penny from Measure S will be spent locally to protect our water drinking supply for future generations of Santa Clara County residents. 

Measure S requires independent citizen oversight and audits to ensure funds are spent as promised. Measure S also provides an exemption to local seniors.  


All Measure S funds will be controlled locally, will go to our local water protection projects and cannot be taken away by the State. 


Join local residents, environmental groups, labor, business leaders, and elected officials in protecting our water supply for future generations.